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Singapura Cat Temperament and Lifespan

Singapure means "cat of love", Singapore cats were called so in their historic homeland - Singapore. In 1971 it was a member of the geophysical team aimed to work in Singapore, Tommy Meadow saw several cats simply walking on the pier, he was fascinated by their type and unusual coloring. After the trip T.Midou exports several native cats in the United States, where, together with the wife, Hal Meadow he begins their cultivation. The lifespan of the cat is about 15-16 years. Singapura cat is very attached to people.

And in general, Singapura cat is a cat, which is full of children's playfulness and curiosity even in adulthood. More Singaporean cats are considered to be very savvy, for example, they easily recognize your name, as well as your voice intonation.

How Much Does a Singapura Cat Cost and Price Range

Singapura kitten will cost you about $500-$600. If you need just a pet for your family, then you shouldn't worry about the show quality kitten. But if you want to have the top quality cat, you should be aware of the higher price which can be about $1000.

Singapura Cat Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Singapura cat is a natural breed of cats, whose origin is in the East, but the breed itself was formed thanks to the American breeders. Cats are among the smallest breed in the world. For example, adult cat' weight rarely exceeds 2-3 kg. There is only one color in Singapore, - sepia agouti, golden-tone cream with a dash of dark brown ticking on the head, ears and back. It has a very short hair, silky and without an undercoat. Singapore cats have surprisingly large and expressive eyes, when you look at them, it is hard to hide your admiration.

Singapura Cat Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

If you 100 percent sure that this breed is for you, then you should know the following things:

Singapore is a unique cat breed, as listed in the Guinness Book of Records as it is the smallest cat in the world.

Singapore can give you the minutes of joy and positive emotions. A Singaporean kittens are playful creatures that can cheer you up in seconds! The character of cats is very playful, they are ready to run and jump without a break, at the same time, without showing any aggression to the person, whether an adult or a child. Singapore takes a lot of love towards everything that comes from the human. However, the playful nature of cats is supported by a good wit, so Singapore cats will not pester the owner when it is not in the spirit.

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