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Take Care Of Your Swimsuit Correctly!

Probably each of us is interested how to care our swimsuits correctly. Further you're given several tips concerning the way of keeping your swimsuit in great shape. Nowadays we live in a fashionable and trendy world, so everyone of us longs to look perfectly wherever he or she is - whether at our working place or on the beach, at the pool or in any other surrounding. If you've already found an ideal swimsuit for you you'll need to do everything possible for it to last as longer as possible. Follow the following pieces of advice and enjoy your swimsuit for a long time.

1. Always hand-wash your swimsuit in cool or cold water after each usage. This will remove unnecessary salts and chlorine that negatively influence the quality of Nylon and Spandex fibers. Apply only mild hand soap or detergent specially created for delicate fabrics. Plain water without soap or detergent won't remove the harmful chlorine or salt from your swimsuit. Try not to soak your swimsuit for a long time if you was weight loss technique, some

2. Hand-wash your swimsuit before wearing it for the first time in order to set its colors.

3. Wet swimsuits shouldn't be left bundled together. If a wet swimsuit is stored it may become discolored. Never leave the swimsuit soaking overnight, especially bundled or rolled in a towel as it will make colors blend. Always squeeze out excess water from the swimsuit before laying it flat, better on a dry towel away from direct sunlight.

4. Don't use machine washing or tumble drying for your swimsuit as it may break down the Lycra and influence the padding or bra cups of your swimsuit.

5. Never hang dry your swimsuit in the direct sunlight. Direct sun rays can influence the Lycra and Spandex and the elasticity of the fabric. Besides, the sun will accelerate the fading process of the colors of your swimsuit.

6. Don't iron your swimsuit.

7. Pay attention to what you sit on. The Lycra fabric is a major component of swimsuits and can be torn against a rough surface around the pool area or a wooden chase, so it's better to use a towel to sit or lie on.

8. Don't wear your favourite swimsuit in a hot tub as the Bromine chemical in hot tubs as well as high heat may affect the Lycra and Spandex fabric making it stretch and the colors fade very quickly. If worn in a hot tub your swimsuit will be destroyed fast.

9. Using oil-based sun tan lotions, try to avoid direct contact with your swimsuit as the oils can make the swimsuit elastics breakdown.

10. Never use Bleach or Woolite.

Generally, it's preferable to have two swimsuits and more. So, for different occasions you can wear different swimsuits, thus extending the life of your swimsuits. And try to follow the upper mentioned of taking care of your swimsuit and you'll certainly extend the life of your swimsuit.

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Blog Author: Elisa